Patient Services

Intermittent Cold Compression Therapy (ICCT) combines two of the principles of ice and compression to reduce pain and swelling from an injury to soft tissues and is highly recommended by orthopedic surgeons following surgery. ICCT is especially useful for sprains, strains, pulled muscles and pulled ligaments.

Upon approval of a Workers Compensation or Auto Injury Rx, an AMS Clinical Specialist (CS) will contact the patient to schedule an in-home visit.  Our highly trained specialist will review the doctor’s instructions on the Rx, present copies of all documentation, provide on-site training of user-friendly device(s), and leave personal contact information for any additional consultation as requested by the patient.  At the end of the prescribed length of a Rx, the CS will contact the patient and arrange for pick-up of the AMS device(s).  Please note that our patients will not be billed directly by AMS.  At AMS, we are committed to making patient care our top priority as we aim to provide prompt and professional service to each and every client.

Questions about Patient Services? – info@andersonmedsupplies.com