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Our Story

The president of Anderson Medical Supplies, Inc., Kent Anderson, was a territorial manager for global medical device company for over fourteen years.  Kent discovered that physicians preferred to deal with minimal sales representatives that offered a variety of products.  He was frequently asked to provide devices and services that did not fall under his company's umbrella.  Kent began to fill that void by offering additional services for over seven years.   In September of 2012, Anderson Medical Supplies (AMS) was officially incorporated.  In May of 2017, AMS began to supply Intermittent Cold Compression  Therapy (ICCT) to over 30 physicians in the Metro Detroit area.  To date, AMS is has served over 28,000 patients and 1,200 physicians in fourteen states.


Our Mission

At AMS, we bring value to prescribers through innovative medical technologies, drive exceptional patient outcomes through unparalleled patient care, and provide growth opportunities and a top-tier reward system for our team.

Our Vision 

To be the most sought-after solution provider of comprehensive, world-class, coordinated patient care.

Our Values 

  • Transparency - Committing to honest and clear communication that creates openness and conveys clear expectation s and outcomes.
  • Positivity - Approaching every situation with an optimistic enthusiasm; be constructive, not destructive.
  • Integrity - Demonstrating strong moral and ethical behaviors; intentionally doing the right thing at all times.
  • Proactivity - Taking the initiative to anticipate and act in advance; resolving potential issues that create positive change and drive growth.
  • Unity - Collaborating and cooperating for a common purpose to achieve a unified goal; company success before individual success.
  • Accountability - Holding oneself to the highest standards; claiming personal responsibility for one's actions, performance, and decisions, and how the results affect the team.